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The History of Leicester
in 100 People

Published 28 October 2013

From Verecunda, a girl in love with a Roman gladiator, who etched his name on a love token, to the footballer and television presenter Gary Lineker, it has been the people of Leicester who created the town's long and exciting history and sent its name around the world.

It was in Leicester that DNA fingerprinting was invented, and where Thomas Cook pioneered his dream of tourism for the masses, where Sir David Attenborough met his first dinosaur, and where Alfred Russel Wallace formulated the concept of natural selection, possibly before Charles Darwin.

Images now recognised around the world, such as Thomas the Tank Engine, and the polar bear that promotes Fox's Glacier Mints, were created in Leicester, as were the diaries of Adrian Mole and Walker's Crisps. Joseph Merrick, also known as the Elephant Man, was born in the town, and it was here that a young apprentice in Leicester's largest textile factory learned how to build bicycles and gave his name to Curry's retail stores.

The stories of the men and women who were at the forefront of invention, scientific discovery and entertainment, politics and faith are inextricably linked with the bigger picture of the development and growth of a major English city over two thousand years, and are celebrated in this book.

Amberley Publishing - 96 pages paperback - ISBN 978-1-4456-1685-8 - 14.99


Cover of Rutland Through Time by Stephen Butt  

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Rutland Through Time reduced from 14.99 to just 5.99 with free postage and packing. Please email me to request your copy

Rutland Through Time contains 180 photographs of Rutland, of which 90 are old photographs. Some printed in a sepia tone and some printed in full colour.

These photographs are printed alongside a contemporary full colour photograph which illustrates the same scene.  The older images have been drawn mainly from the remarkable Jack Hart Collection at the Rutland County Museum in Oakham.

The contrasting illustrations show how the area has changed and developed during the last 100 years. The photographs illustrate shops, schools, garages, churches, houses and street scenes, each photograph is captioned and the book has an introduction which gives a brief overview of the history of the town.

As you browse through the photographs, you will notice the increase in the number of vehicles on the road, shops that once sold new goods are now estate agents or charity shops. Green fields have been transformed into industrial estates, houses or ring roads.

The archive images provide an almost magical view of Rutland's picturesque villages over the past one hundred years.


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